Chi Siamo:

The old Osteria Lagoscuro was founded in 1868 with the construction of the house that you can see next door. The name comes from the place of the same name in the municipality of Avegno, so named because of the presence of a small lake, obscured by thick vegetation, created by a bend in the Recco stream.

In 1933, Mr. and Mrs. Ferreccio Giuseppe and Capurro Caterina purchased the house with its associated Osteria.

In 1966-67 the daughter Ferreccio Vittorina With her husband Pizzorno Michele Mario now taking over the management, they built a new building adjacent to the Osteria. Here, in addition to a modern restaurant room, 7 rooms with bathrooms were built, thus starting the hotel's business.

Finally in the 1990s, under the management of the grandchildren Pizzorno Giuseppe, Caterina and Elisabetta,The old Osteria was renovated, obtaining a further 6 rooms, bringing the accommodation capacity to the current 25 beds.